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April 21, 2007

Emissary of the Bog

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Princess and Frog.

April 17, 2007

All the weight of the sea

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Lucas brought his pinched thumb and index finger to the center of his brow, they slid apart, each in turn plowing through a patchy eyebrow, expelling the stinging sweat and sea water. He couldn’t believe he’d found it. The light it gave off was almost unbearable, like an underwater sun. Tears formed. They would have to believe him now, what was in front of him was real and it could be touched.

HIs focus shifted, he heard a new noise amidst the normal tattoo and hum of his suit’s brass machinery.
A black streak of lightning shot into his vision, it hung there upsetting the view of his glowing redemption. Water began to sneak through the newly formed breach. His eyes darted to the compact gauges below his chin, the needles spasmed. Should he turn back? It was there! He could seize it up, carry it with him. Words would not make them believers, words never had before. The suit would hold, it had taken him this far. He took a step forward, his foot sinking through centuries of muck.

Too deep, too uneven, he pitched sideways, the ground was inclined so the suit began to roll. Fast towards the light, its shape whipped by, closer and closer, he could see details, intricate angles, subtle curves. His body jerked forward inside the brass globe, dark streaks multiplied across the surface of the glass, filling his vision. Suddenly a thin jet of sea water jabbed him in the eye, pushing a scream from his mouth. A sharp crack and his voice was smothered by a dark giant’s foot.

April 10, 2007

When we live on the moon

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An illustration inspired by Shirley Jackson’s novella We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

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