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September 27, 2008

Space Truck to Hell

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Two backgrounds we produced for the animated short “Space Truck to Hell”. Unfortunately the funding
was cut, so this is all that remains of our efforts. We’d like to thank Eric Watkins, Jeremy Povolny,
Filipe Topa, Josh Burggraf, and Adrian Mojica for inviting us to share in this excellent opportunity.

Here’s to hoping that someone out there owns a set of interstellar jumper cables.

September 16, 2008

Troglodyte Rose

Filed under: client work — Kurt and Zelda @ 7:11 pm

Revealing Rose…

“We are inside Hell. How can I describe it any other way? I can feel the fires of the glassworks.
I can smell the sulphurous breath of our chthonic gods. I live in squalid darkness and breathe
filthy air. My name is Rose and I’ve never seen the sky.”
-Adam Lowe

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