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March 30, 2010

Deliver Magazine

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Vagrant Studies

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HB Charcoal pencil on sketchbook paper.

March 12, 2010

What I’ve Learned so Far

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There’s a huge bevy of illustrations I’d love to share, but I’m just not allowed to yet. In the mean time,
I’d like to celebrate 4 years of having Teetering Bulb, by sharing some of the things I have learned:

• You learn to draw by drawing – there’s no magic button, secret pass words or
snake oil you can take. It’s just all hard work.
• It takes about 3-5 years to see a tipping point.
• Doesn’t really matter at what level you are when you begin, this is all learnable information –
anyone can learn it, that’s the beautiful part. But it might take 3-5 years.
• To succeed at this is very hard, and it’ll continue to be hard, the most enjoyable thing ever,
but still very hard. If it’s easy for you, can I buy you a muffin and an hour of your time?
• You learn to draw by drawing.
• Get to know the best in the business. Write them emails, visit their studios, become their
best friend. They know stuff. They’ll give you information if you’re nice and ready to listen,
and buy them muffins.
• The 10,000 hour rule is imperative. It’s all a game of numbers. The more you practice,
the better you’ll be, the more you’ll enjoy it, the more you’ll want to practice.
It’s a self feeding loop.
• Your hand skills will almost never match your cognitive skills. Your head will always be a few
steps ahead of what you can do with your pencil. Be okay with that. Again, if you disagree,
I’ve got muffins for you.
• The eye craves hierarchy.
• The eye craves values and big shapes. The eye doesn’t like gray soups too much.
• Getting the big shapes right is more important than getting the details right.
• Love your studio. You’re gonna be there a lot.
• There’s something called FLOW. It’s a magic period where everything aligns and you know
exactly what to do next. Learn to recognize it and achieve it. Flow happens when the greatest
amount of challenge is met with the most amount of skill. The state of FLOW is the best drug
in the world.
• You learn to draw by drawing.

Please tell me what you’ve learned. -Z

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