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December 27, 2011

Process Workshop!

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Peek into our Process

Treat yourself for the new year. Enjoy an intimate glimpse into an artist’s studio. I’d love to reveal some new techniques I’ve been honing over the past year. Indulge in a 3 hour workshop where we create a complete illustration from the beginning. See what a professional studio is all about. Part demo, part inspiration, part philosophy.

Geared towards students, but professionals are welcome as well. You’ll see our unique drawing and coloring process step by step. I’ll share insights on creating a piece that looks traditional while being digital. You’ll leave the workshop full of inspiration and confidence. Don’t be surprised if you race back to your studio and start creating.

Only 5 spots available. RESERVE NOW!

When Sunday, January 15, 2012 1pm to 4pm

Where 66 Steuben St. (Across from Pratt) Brooklyn, New York 11205

What to Bring Sketchbook, questions, portfolio, coffee


December 25, 2011

A Stranger’s Encounter

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8.5″ x 10.5″ Prismacolor Ebony pencil on sketchbook paper. Photoshop color.

“They are the most exotic of pets, bred by wrapping salamander eggs in the fur from a lion’s mane.
You bury that parcel in the fresh earth of a virgin’s grave along with a finger from your right hand.
They’ll hatch in the darkness of the new moon and be dead by the ripeness of the full. Something
so wondrous should never last longer. Only by your own hand can you do this, otherwise they’ll
turn on you, devour you alive and then explode into rancid clouds of purple ash. They grant wishes,
they cry honey, they cough up lightning and can detect a liar just by the smell, and when they die
they make the loveliest of coats,” she said as she struggled to hold on to the squirming litter.

I wondered how often she’d done this but her right hand was buried deep in the bowels of her coat.
I could get no closer because I knew the pups wouldn’t like me. Why, you ask? Well I can assure you,
in all honesty, that I am very much a liar.

Drawing by Zelda. Little Fiction by Kurt.

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